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Legal Software and Legal Technology Systems

Established in 1986 to provide legal software and hardware of the highest quality to the legal profession, the company is not tied in any way to one particular hardware or software manufacturer. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to recommend and supply the very best solution to your IT problems.

Our legal software, developed over the past 33 years to demanding standards and our legal technology systems will run on a wide variety of machines and operating systems.

Our staff have all dealt in this field for many years and will act in the role of advisors. They try, with the help of a specialist dealer network, to ensure that their clients understand and appreciate the benefits of modern technology, particularly with regard to the management information that computers can provide so easily.

Our clients who use our legal technology systems range from sole practitioners to large multi-branch firms and are located throughout the UK from the South West to the North East and including Wales and Northern Ireland.