Professional Technology’s software range has been developed over the past three decades to provide a complete solution for a legal practice.

Quaestor n. Any of various public officials in ancient Rome responsible for finance and administration.

Quaestor for Windows continues our long tradition of providing back office accounting in a truly integrated environment.  Together with our case management software it provides a unique management tool.  Used alone, encompassing CRM, legal accounting & time recording, it still provides extensive information for the management of the modern legal practice.

Seriatim  adv.  in series; point by point, one after another.

The Seriatim® Master Class case management and workflow system is designed to give you and your fee earners constant and effortless control over the work that is performed for each case that your practice handles.  Providing CRM, case (matter) management and full document production using industry standards this easy-to-use system provides legal practices with everything they need to track & manage their work.